Dylan O’Brien at The Maze Runner Conference




Anonymous ask:
*I smile a little as I watch you leave* - Bruno

*I walk down the stairs and out* *I get into my car and start it* *I drive off*

Anonymous ask:
Call me ok - Bruno

Will do *I put the list in my purse and walk to the door* *I open it and walk out*

Anonymous ask:
*I nod a little* Alright that's fine - Bruno

*I kiss your cheek and stand up* Alright babe

Anonymous ask:
*I wrinkle my forehead and look at the paper* Huh? *I pick it up and look at it* - Bruno

*I look closer* Never mind..mis read that *I take the list from you* I think I can get half of this stuff

Anonymous ask:
*I keep looking at you for a few seconds before I look down at the list* You don't have to get everything you know.. I just know *I look back at you and stare at your lips* you like things to be perfect - Bruno

*I bite my lip* I know I do..does that say hookah?

Anonymous ask:
Eww.. *I laugh against your lips* - Bruno

*I turn my head away and look at the list* Babe this list is long

… How much you remind me of Talia …

Anonymous ask:
*I laugh softly and run my hand over your thigh* I always see your face everywhere I go *I kiss you again* - Bruno

Even in the toilet? *I laugh softly*

Anonymous ask:
*I wrinkle my forehead and moan a little* *I open my eyes and observe you* What's up babe.. don't you get me all started - Bruno

I know I know sorry..I just wanna see your face in my mind while I’m at the spa

Anonymous ask:
*I lick my lips some and kiss you again* *I run my nose against yours* - Bruno

*I bite your lip and pull it some*

Anonymous ask:
*I close my eyes and kiss you back* - Bruno

*I laugh softly and lean away some* I knew id get your attention *I kiss you again*

Anonymous ask:
*I take my cigarette from my mouth and hold it as I keep writing* - Bruno

*I lean in and kiss you softly*

Anonymous ask:
*I raise an eyebrow and keep writing* - Bruno

*I slide down onto the couch and stare at you*