Anonymous ask:
*I stare out the window as I smoke* - Bruno

*I keep driving* No comment?

Anonymous ask:
*I glance at you as I pull my lighter out* *I light my cigarette and roll my window down a little* - Bruno

*I drive out the parking lot and down the street*

Some fans shouted “we love you brian” and Dylan said “DID YOU JUST CALL ME BRIAN? BRIEN O’DYLAN”

-- The maze runner cast in London (via stydiaislove)

Anonymous ask:
*I get in and pull my cigarettes out* *I look in my pockets for my lighter* - Bruno

*I start the car and pull out* We gotta get you to stop drinking so much

Anonymous ask:
*I take my keys out of my pocket and hold them up for you* - Bruno

*I take the keys from you and unlock the car* *I get in the drivers side*

Anonymous ask:
*I let the door go and follow you* - Bruno

*I walk outside and go to your car* Im driving

Anonymous ask:
Phil: See you lady.. Have a good night *I watch you all* - Bruno

You too *I turn and walk past you into the hall*

Anonymous ask:
*He pats your back* No problem Hope *I go over to the door and hold it open with my back as I wait for you* - Bruno

*I lean up and hug Phil* Later old man

Anonymous ask:
*I shake hands with Ari and give Phil a hug* *He goes to my ear* Text me Bruno.. *I nod as I lean out* *I pat his back* See you guys - Bruno

*I go over and hug Ari* Thanks for listening

Anonymous ask:
*When I finish my beer I leave out of the booth and toss my bottle in the trash* Hey guys I'm gonna go home.. Good work today *Ari turns in his chair* Alright B, take care of yourself ok? - Bruno

*I stand up again and grab my purse*


dont ask me for relationship advice because i will always just tell you to break up w/ them and throw their shit in a dumpster because i do not understand the concept of allowing anyone to treat you poorly this is a zero tolerance zone 

Anonymous ask:
*I keep reading and drinking* *Phil and Ari talk to each other* - Bruno

*I watch you a little then look around the room*

Anonymous ask:
*I hang the headphones on the stand and wipe my mouth as I read over my notebook again* - Bruno

*I stretch some and sit down*